Frequently Asked Questions


No. We plan to add this feature in the future though.

No. NoteKnight was developed to be responsive and usable on multiple devices but there is not a dedicated app at this time.


Click the Create button on the user dashboard. Three notecards are automatically added to the page for you to start with. Once you're done editing, click the Create button at the top or bottom of the page to finish.

As many as you'd like!

The current limit is 300 flashcards per set. We chose this number based on what we felt was a good mix between practicality and performance.

The 500 character limit per card was set to ensure smooth performance and to maintain the efficiency of our servers.

Currently we do not support images in flashcards but we may add this feature in the future.

There is a share button on the Review page that will generate a link for you. The review page can be accessed by clicking the flashcard set on the user dashboard. Find the button with this icon

Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Undo - Ctrl/Cmd Z
  2. Redo - Ctrl/Cmd Y

  1. Plus and Minus +/- converts to ±
  2. Multiplication 2*3 or 2x3 converts to 2×3
  3. Superscript ^2 and ^3 convert to ² and ³
  4. Not Equal != converts to
  5. Ellipsis ... converts to
  6. Double Dash -- converts to
  7. One Half 1/2 converts to ½
  8. One Quarter 1/4 converts to ¼
  9. Three Quarters 3/4 converts to ¾
  10. Left Arrow <- converts to
  11. Right Arrow -> converts to
  12. Left Angle << converts to «
  13. Right Angle >> converts to »
  14. Copyright (c) converts to ©
  15. Trademark (tm) converts to

Artificial Intelligence

NoteKnight uses ChatGPT, a large language model created by OpenAI, that generates human like responses. We integrated ChatGPT with in our custom text editor to assist in flashcard generation and enhance productivity. This feature is exclusive to NoteKnight NOBLE subscribers.

The Prompt button can be used to create a custom prompt for the AI to generate a response.
  1. Any selected text in the editor will be added to the custom prompt and the AI response will replace the selection.
  2. If no text is selected, only the custom prompt will be used, and the AI response will be inserted at the cursors last position.

The Commands list provides a set of pre-defined prompts that can be used to generate AI responses.
  1. Selected text in the editor will be added to the prompt and the AI response will replace the selection.
  2. If no text is selected, all content in the editor will be added to the prompt and the AI response will replace it.

ChatGPT sometimes writes plausible-sounding but incorrect or nonsensical answers. It is important to review and verify the AI generated content.

  1. Data submitted through the OpenAI API is not used to train OpenAI models or improve OpenAI's services.
  2. OpenAI does not share user content with third parties for marketing purposes.
  3. OpenAI may retain API inputs and outputs for up to 30 days.
  4. NoteKnight provides OpenAI unique user identifiers which help OpenAI monitor and detect abuse.

  1. OpenAI filters unsafe or potentially harmful content.
  2. OpenAI encrypts all data at rest (AES-256) and in transit (TLS 1.2+)
  3. Learn more by reviewing OpenAI's Terms & Policies.


AutoSave is designed to prevent data loss. It activates when you move between text areas and changes have been detected. This approach minimizes server calls and ensures an uninterrupted user experience.

Drafts are generated during AutoSave and allow for relaxed standards, like saving blank fields. They aren't visible in public search results but you can choose to share them.

The Draft tag appears in your flashcard set's title after an autosave, indicating sets in progress but not completed. To remove the tag, finalize your set by clicking the submission button, located at the top or bottom of the page.

AutoSave is disabled if a flashcard text area exceeds the 500 character limit. It resumes once the count is below the threshold and all other text areas are within limits.


Flashcards are displayed on the dashboard, like email, they are ordered by newest first. From there you can sort by title, count, or date created by clicking the column headers. You can also search for a specific set by typing in the search bar.

No. We plan to add this feature in the future though.

Yes! You can flag your notes as private from the Create or Edit pages. There is a checkbox at the top of the page, right below the title input. Note: Private notes can not be shared with or viewed by others.


Click the user icon on the nav bar and go to the Settings page. From the settings page you can upload a new profile image. Images must be .jpg or .png format, less than 5MB, and no larger than 4k resolution.

Click the user icon on the nav bar and go to the Settings page. To change your password you must enter you current password and then enter your new password twice to confirm.

Click the user icon on the nav bar and go to the Settings page. Locate the One-Time Code link in the Contacts section. Follow the on-screen instructions to send yourself a code. Once you receive the code, enter it in the One-Time Code field along with your new Email. You must verify your new email to complete the update.

  1. Select Settings from the nav bar drop down menu
  2. At the bottom of the page, you can find the Danger Zone
  3. Click the Delete Account button and follow the on-screen instructions
  4. Note: All user data and flashcards will be removed and active subscriptions will cancel at the end of the billing period


We offer a 7-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase. If you are not satisfied or just forgot to unsubscribe we are happy to help. Contact with your email address or username to begin processing your refund.
  1. Refunds will be subject to Stripe's non-refundable processing fee of up to 3.4% + 30¢, which is retained by Stripe, not NoteKnight.
  2. Refunds can take up to 10 business days to process.

  1. Navigate to the user Settings page
  2. Find the Stripe section and click the Customer Portal button
  3. You can update account details and manage your subscription from here
  4. Note: Canceling takes effect at the end of the billing period