How to Memorize Multiplication Tables

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By Chris DelliSanti, RN | NoteKnight Founder

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Getting Started

Memorizing multiplication tables is a fundamental skill that sets the foundation for more advanced math concepts. Mastering these tables is crucial for academic success and everyday life. There's no getting around practice on this one, but this guide will outline effective strategies and tips to make the process easier. Additionally, NoteKnight has curated a set of flashcards to get you started right away!


Committing multiplication tables to memory is a rite of passage for a young mind. The origins of these tables can be traced back to ancient civilizations, with the multiplication table being attributed to Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician. Unlocking the ability to effortlessly recall these facts is a skill that will remain with you for the rest of your life, serving as a stepping stone to higher-level math topics like division, fractions, and beyond. Memorizing multiplication tables is also practical, simplifying everyday tasks like counting money, telling time, and measuring ingredients. So let’s get started by exploring some effective strategies!


Effective memorization techniques involve setting clear study goals, breaking the material into manageable groups, and using flashcards or other online resources to practice efficiently.

  • Time Management: Practice regularly and keep your study sessions to short intervals, around 25 minutes with breaks, to improve retention.
  • Chunking: It is too hard to put the whole table into your memory at once. Focus on one set of numbers at a time to prevent becoming overwhelmed.
  • Practice: Use NoteKnight flashcards and memorize game for a comprehensive and user-friendly learning experience.


Some of the numbers have rules that can make them easier to remember:

  • Order: It doesn't matter, the answer is always the same.
  • Zero: Any number multiplied by zero is zero.
  • One: Any number multiplied by one is the number itself.
  • Two: Multiplying by two is doubling the number.
  • Five: Multiplying by five is half of ten.
  • Ten: Multiplying by ten adds a zero to the number.
  • Eleven: Multiplying by eleven is repeating the number twice.

Study Flashcards

To help you get started faster, NoteKnight has curated online flashcard sets that you can use for practice. Click on the links below to study each set:

Once you are comfortable with each set, you can challenge yourself to a comprehensive review with the Complete Multiplication Table flashcard set. Select the shuffle option and put your memory to the test!